My name is Paul Sas.
I was born in 1969, in Cluj-Napoca, a town located  in Transylvania near the Apuseni Mountains, in the northwest of Romania.

My story of "building" a rod began in childhood, with the construction of my first fishing rod simple, rudimentary  along with my grandfather using wild hazelnut wood rods,  (actually we "build" lots of them because they break quite often).
The "technology" was like I sad rudimentary, we were peeling of the bark and put the rods in the attic tied on the beam of the roof, and we used to tie big rocks at the other end of the rod forcing  the wood rod to dry straight.
Living in Romania I didn't  have many chances to build real rods at that time and with years I started building custom fresh water (wood) crank baits (I did it for more than 15 years) during this period of time I realized I want something else and I quitted  (well, not really I'm still doing lures when the times allow)   I wanted something different, I wanted to build rods, fly fishing rods.

Here I am, building rods for about 8 years.